Shandong Longji Budweg Brake Caliper Co., Ltd. was founded on Feb.12th,2014, a joint-venture company by Shandong Longji Machinery Co.,Ltd, Denmark Budweg (China) Co., CPS Auto Parts(Xiamen) Co. Ltd. and Yantai Huaxing Economic and Trade Co., Company is located at Longkou economic and development zone, where is the most famous automotive parts manufacturing base in China, west of Yantai, North of Qingdao, prime location of Jiadong manufacturing base, with convenient transportation by land, air and sea. Total investment amount is 80 million, including 54 million from Longji Machinery by Land and cash, 12 million from CPS and 2 million from Yantai Huaxing. Total investment is in two phases, invested capital in first phase is 48 million, mainly for expend of land, capital construction, equipment and R&D.
Invested capital on land is 20.038 million, cover a total area 66,630㎡. Total project investment in first phase is 20.26 million, total floor area is 12,572㎡, including office building 1,899㎡, warehouse 4,143㎡, machining workshop 6535㎡. First phase project was started from end of Feb.2014, till end of July.2014, Main work and ancillary work were completely finished. Along with future extension of production and market, current planned land use could carry on 3 machining workshop with a total area 25,920㎡.
Total equipment investment in first phase is 1,011 million, it is basically competed, mainly includ: import Vertical and horizontal CNC 7 sets, amount 6.85 million, 2.496 million for machining tools and fixing tools, 0.75 million for other equipments. After first phase goes into operation, will form annual capacity of brake caliper 150,000 pcs.
Total R&D investment in first phase is 1.87 million, mainly include: Italy 3D Scanner, Pro/E, CAE, Projector, Computer, Tooling fees and so on, making solid foundation for developing new product quickly.