Longji Group debuted at the Las Vegas International Exhibition


November 1 to 3, Longji Group went to the United States Las Vegas to participate in the world's largest auto parts and after-sales service exhibition, the Division I products won the international customers of all ages.
As the world's leading professional exhibition, the collection of North America, Central America, South America and Europe, the Middle East and other regions of a large number of auto parts users, after-sales service providers. The exhibition highlights the most cutting-edge technology and products in the auto parts market, the highest-performing and best-performing exhibition in the North American auto parts industry.
Our exhibition began in 1998, the booth all completed by the US design team, highly international children. At the show, our exhibits attracted large-scale auto parts procurement groups from all over the world to visit and negotiate, and look forward to working with us in the field of auto parts deep-level cooperation. Through this exhibition, not only the international auto parts buyers appreciate the quality of Longji, but also further interpretation of the Longji in promoting technological innovation, leading the development of industry capacity and level for the company's products into the international high-end market has laid a solid foundation.