"Two homes" academician and his party to visit our company to guide the work


October 31 afternoon, the Chinese Academy of Engineering He You academician, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the vice mayor Yu Jianchun, Secretary of Science and Technology, accompanied by Wen Fuen company visit. Liu Yuli, deputy general manager of the company, the board secretary Liu Jian received the two academicians and his party.


The two academicians have visited the company's product development and display center and automatic spraying line workshop, during the visit, Liu Yuli, deputy general manager of the company's core technology and other aspects of the academicians made a detailed report. Academician on the Division I and the Institute of Mechanical Science Research Institute of brake discs developed by the aluminum plate composite materials to give high attention to the Division I to promote the implementation of "Made in China 2025" development strategy to machine replacement mode of production to reduce labor , To improve the production environment, reduce labor intensity, to achieve green, intelligent production, given a very high evaluation.


The visit, so that the profound experience of the Secretary for the development of our Secretary for the sound, but also to see our focus on auto parts manufacturing passion and responsibility. Academician unanimously said that the development process of Longji is the process of upgrading the brake parts industry, and I hope that through the continuous increase in science and technology investment, accelerate scientific research and innovation, and further create a new situation in the development of new features, give full play to the leading role of industry leaders, For the Chinese auto parts industry sound and rapid development to make greater contributions!